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Welcome to Simply Cider Presses; here is our range of fruit presses. Each apple cider press for sale is designed and handcrafted to an exceptionally high standard with quality construction that is built to withstand the test of time. Many of these models include a grinder as apples and other hard fruit need to be crushed to a pulp before they can be pressed.

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When will my order arrive?

Shipping time is typically 5 to 7 days after ordering, to anywhere in the United States. This accounts for 2 – 3 days for despatch, then 3 – 4 days transport time. The cider presses are built year-round so an effort is made to keep a supply on hand, but since these are handmade products, production is limited and it is wise to order early before the apple season begins.

How fast can I make apple cider?

A whole box of apples (40 lbs.) can be crushed into apple pulp by the grinder, in less than 5 minutes! It can then take less than 10 minutes to press the slurry into cider. A box of apples can produce 2 to 3 gallons of cider. You can reasonably expect to make 12 gallons of cider per hour using a single-tub apple press like the Homesteader and 25 to 30 gallons per hour using the double-tub American Harvester as you can both grind and press at the same time.

Which fruit press model should I buy?

If you are only pressing grapes or other soft fruit (not apples) in small quantities, you will do nicely with the tabletop soft fruit press, The Yakima.

If you have access to a decent amount of fruit then you should probably buy one of the single tub apple presses like The Homesteader press or Pioneer Junior.

If you have a lot of fruit, a roadside stand, a large family, or make cider for friends and neighbors, then you can really benefit from the double-tub cider press, The American Harvester, which allows for simultaneous grinding and pressing! Read our Buyer’s Guide for more advice.

Do the apple cider presses come ready to operate?

Almost. To abide by carrier size and weight requirements, the presses are packed in several large pieces and only a few bolts are required to complete assembly.

Do they come with a manufacturer warranty?

Yes. All cider presses come with a 1-year warranty as standard. If anything requires to be replaced or repaired, the Manufacturer promises to do so free of charge, or a refund may be offered, less return freight costs.

How many apples does your tub hold?

A single tub unit will hold approximately a box (40 lbs) of pulped apples.

How many grapes will the tub hold?

Depending on the size of the grapes, the large wine press tubs will hold approximately three gallons of non-crushed fruit. The small tub (Yakima) will hold approximately one gallon of non-crushed grapes.

Are the cider presses portable?

Yes. Although the apple presses weigh quite a bit, two adults can easily move them. They can be easily moved by one person by attaching a set of wheels.

Are your cider presses safe to use?

Yes, but be sure to keep your fingers out of the grinder!

Why do I need the apple grinder attachment?

It is hard on both the operator and the press itself to press whole fruit that hasn’t been pulped. More so, the fruit must be ground into a pulp to better release the juices retained in the cells of the fruit. No hand press is powerful enough to crush whole fruit to a pulp. Without an apple grinder, you will first have to chop the fruit by hand. A wine press used only for grapes and other soft fruit can suffice without a grinder.

Is the “Apple Eater” grinder hard to use?

Not at all! The smooth turning stainless-steel blades and 18-lb. cast iron flywheel does all the work. The special design of the Happy Valley Ranch “Apple Eater” grinder requires far less labor than any other fruit grinder on the market, in our opinion.

What happens to the seeds, stems, and skins during pressing?

The seeds and stems of most fruits are small enough to pass through the grinder without being crushed, so they cannot alter the flavor of the juice. A cheesecloth or nylon pressing bag during the pressing process traps all particles.

Do I need to apply a protective coating?

Yes, all wine and cider presses come unfinished. You should apply a moisture resistant, food-safe protective coating prior to the first use such as varnish, lacquer, EZ-DO Polyurethane Gel or the Poxy Coat.

How should the machines be cleaned?

Just hose off the unit with water and dab dry after use. Do not use soaps. All wood parts should be sealed prior to first use, to resist moisture. A light coating of vegetable oil on the cast iron grinder will help to resist rust.

Can I use my cider press more often than just during cider making season?

You bet! From mid-summer on, berries, grapes and other vegetables are ready for pressing. You can use your apple press for pressing stored fruit any time of the year, and even cheese.