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There’s nothing quite like your own homemade cider and apple juice; the freshness, purity and flavor is simply beyond compare against regular store bought stuff. And it’s so easy to make! A simple, well built press is what you need and this Weston apple press will see you right.

The Weston cider press is a great medium-sized press suitable for apples as well as other hard and soft fruit, and allows you to enjoy pressing fruit at home for a very reasonable price! Simply load up the 15 liter capacity tub with the fruit of your choice (ideally in a pressing bag), set the pressing blocks in place then start tightening that double ratcheting head. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much juice can be extracted from just a small amount of apples.

The press features a hardwood tub with a cast iron double ratcheting head to exert significant pressure onto the fruit with ease, and has an enamelled steel base with a pourable bottom spout so the juice can pour freely into a container below.

Please Note: The only thing to bear in mind is that for making cider you will need to crush the apples before pressing them as they can’t be pressed whole. For a modest amount of apples this is easy enough to do by hand and using something to bash the apples in a bucket. For a significant amount of apples, however, things are made a lot easier and faster by using an apple grinder which is why our larger cider presses have grinders attached (see our range here). You can always purchase an apple grinder separately at a later date and mount it to something as a standalone crusher, in order to be used in conjunction with this press.

For modest batches of apples and other fruit, the Weston cider press is perfect.


+ Perfect for apples as well as other hard and soft fruit!

+ Simple and enjoyable to use

+ Heavy-duty, cast iron, double ratcheting head

+ Pourable bottom spout

+ Hardwood tub construction

+ Enamelled steel base

+ 16 quart (15 liter) capacity

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