Homesteader Build-Your-Own Kit


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*FREE Essentials Kit!* Order this press by September 30th and receive a free kit comprising of 2 pressing bags, EZ-DO Protective Coating and some Petrol-Gel lubricant ($69 Value). This will be everything you need to get up and running with your new press! Available while supplies last.

Why not save some money and have the satisfaction of building your very own cider press yourself. If you’re skilled at such things and fancy the challenge, this single tub press build-your-own kit maybe just for you.

The Homesteader Build-Your-Own kit is the DIY version of the Homesteader Press. It includes all the metal components and a set of detailed wood plans and instructions for creating your very own version of this popular press yourself.

A successfully built Homesteader is a wonderfully attractive, traditionally designed press that will be capable of producing many gallons of cider and other fruit juices. This set comes with the popular “Apple Eater” grinder (pre-assembled) allowing you to crush up whole apples and other hard fruit to a pulp. As you have full control over the construction, you can choose to have this grinder mounted to the press so that the pulp falls directly into the pressing tub, or alternatively, mount it to a separate support so that grinding and pressing can take place at the same time. You have full control.

Each kit includes an assembled grinder, a flywheel, a cross arm, a 1 1/2″ Acme screw with 4-prong wheel, a pressure foot, hoops, all the necessary hardware and a complete set of wood plans.

If you’re up to the task, this can be the perfect start to making your own cider. You’ll have the satisfaction of making your own press, pressing the apples themselves and, of course… drinking that lovely fresh cider! It’ll be the best cider you’ve ever had, that’s for sure!

Please Note: NO WOOD IS INCLUDED – This is a metal-only kit.

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