Pressing Bags

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Save $ when you purchase a pack of 3!

Measuring 14” in diameter and 19” high, these pressing bags consist of heavy nylon material and make the task of pressing fruit quicker, easier and a little cleaner. They’re designed to fit perfectly inside the tubs of the American HarvesterHomesteaderPioneer Junior and other similar sized presses, and a smaller bag can be ordered for the Yakima

Each pressing bag fits nicely inside the tub, with about 5 inches of excess material overhanging the sides. You then grind your apples (or other fruit) into the tub so it’s about 3/4 full, and then close the bag like you would a trash bag. The pressure disk can then be placed on top and the pressing can begin. The juice will filter through much clearer thanks to the bag, leaving behind any seeds, skins and dry pulp. Anything left behind can be dumped and the bag can be reused again.

The bags last a long time but it's nice to have a spare, so you can also purchase in packs of 3 for $39.99 (a saving of $5!)