Homesteader Single-Tub Fruit Press


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Have us professionally apply the wood coating before shipment.

Make the press more portable with wheels that retract when not in use.


*FREE Essentials Kit!* Order this press by May 31st and receive a free kit comprising of 2 pressing bags, EZ-DO Protective Coating and some Petrol-Gel lubricant ($69 Value). This will be everything you need to get up and running with your new press! Available while supplies last.

(Optional) Wood coating service! Have us professionally coat your press with food-safe polyurethane wood coating. We poly-coat everything before it is assembled. We coat, let it dry for 48 hours, hand-sand it with 320 grit, paint it again, and hand-sand it one more time with 600 grit. The end result is fantastic! The cost is $450. Please check the box when ordering.

On a crisp Autumn afternoon, nothing beats making your own fresh fruit juice, wine and cider with someone special. And with the Homesteader, it’s even more enjoyable. The Homesteader Wine Press is a single-tub fruit press consisting of a traditional frame and screw assembly. It’s as solid and practical as it is attractive and will provide you many gallons of fresh juice.

The design is the same as that of the Homesteader press with grinder; only it doesn’t come with a grinder. It’s been designed as an “all purpose” fruit press, capable of efficiently squeezing grapes and other soft fruits and vegetables.

Get creative and see what you can come up with. Soft fruits can be combined together and, provided they are adequately crushed one way or another to a suitable pulp, apples can also be pressed. Crushing apples can be quite laborious when done at any significant scale which is why the cider press version of this model includes a grinder. The “Apple Eater” grinder can be purchased at a later date if you ever feel the need, so you always have that option.

The 8400 is guaranteed to bring many a smile to your face, just you wait and see. Load up the fruit, ideally in a pressing bag, place the pressing disk firmly on the top and start winding that pressing handle! Many a gallon of juice will flow and wide eyes and satisfied grins soon follow.

Warranty Information

*One Year Warranty*: This press is covered by a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. If, at any point during this time, you are unhappy with your press, the Manufacturer offers to repair it, replace it or offer you a refund, less any freight costs.

Technical Specifications

Frame: The press is comprised of hard maple. All joints are dadoed and cross-bolted for superb structural strength.

Wood Finish: Please Note: THIS PRESS COMES UNFINISHED! You will be required to protect the wood with varnish, lacquer, Poxy Coating or EZ-DO Polyurethane Gel prior to final assembly.

Screw: The Acme-threaded screw measures 1 1/2″ in diameter by 22″ long, and is passed through the solid cast iron crossarm. A pressing-disc is fitted inside the tub when in use, of which all the pressing force is applied to and a cast iron foot at the bottom of the screw helps distribute the pressure. It is advised that you apply some lubricant to the screw and the inside of the pressing foot, such as the Petrol-Gel Lubricant.

Tub: The hardwood tub measures 12” high by 13 ½” in diameter and is banded with steel hoops for added strength. The tub has beveled staves which allow for easy cleaning.

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Weight 90 lbs