American Harvester Build-Your-Own Kit


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*FREE Essentials Kit!* Order this press by September 30th and receive a free kit comprising of 2 pressing bags, EZ-DO Protective Coating and some Petrol-Gel lubricant ($69 Value). This will be everything you need to get up and running with your new press! Available while supplies last.

Fancy a go at making your very own cider press from scratch? For the ambitious and skilled craftsmen out there, this build-your-own kit will give you all you need to set out making the best and most popular cider press on the market: the American Harvester.

The American Harvester Build-Your-Own Kit provides you with instructions and all the metal components for building the American Harvester Cider Press yourself. On successful completion you’ll have a beautiful, traditionally designed double-tub mill at your dispense allowing you to produce pure, fresh and intensely flavored cider, wine and other fruit juices at your leisure. There’s nothing quite like it!

This set comes with a pre-assembled “Apple Eater” grinder that will allow you to crush whole apples and other hard fruit to pulp. Once you have the press constructed, this grinder can then be mounted above one of two pressing tubs, allowing for the pulp to fall directly into said tub. The two tub design allows grinding and pressing to take place at the same time, something many apple presses can’t offer.

The DIY kit comes with the assembled grinder, a flywheel, a cross arm, a 1 1/2″ Acme screw with 4-prong wheel, a pressure foot, hoops, all the necessary hardware and a complete set of wood plans.

This is the ultimate home project for those with the know-how and desire, and is a great way to get an extremely well designed and popular fruit press for a cheaper price. Plus, you get the satisfaction of having made it yourself. On successful completion, people will be thoroughly impressed and will be eager to join you with your cider making ventures! Cider, wine, juice… it all awaits and will taste even better knowing it came from a press that you made yourself!

Please Note: NO WOOD IS INCLUDED – This is a metal-only kit.

Alternatively, you can opt for a fully constructed model.


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