Homesteader Press with Grinder


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Have us professionally apply the wood coating before shipment.

Motorize the grinding process with an electric motor.

Make the press more portable with wheels that retract when not in use.


*FREE Essentials Kit!* Order this press by June 30th and receive a free kit comprising of 2 pressing bags, EZ-DO Protective Coating and some Petrol-Gel lubricant ($89 Value). This will be everything you need to get up and running with your new press! Available while supplies last.

(Optional) Wood coating service! Have us professionally coat your press with food-safe polyurethane wood coating. We poly-coat everything before it is assembled. We coat, let it dry for 48 hours, hand-sand it with 320 grit, paint it again, and hand-sand it one more time with 600 grit. The end result is fantastic! The cost is $450. Please check the box when ordering.

It’s time to start putting all that fruit to good use. If you’ve been inundated with apples this year and are ready to taste some real cider, the Homesteader cider press will see you right. This is a good sized, high quality press that will be as pleasurable to use as the end result will be to drink.

You have the luxury of a high quality grinder with this model, arguably a necessity when dealing with any significant amount of hard fruit. There’s no need to even slice or peel the apples, just throw ’em in whole and see them reduce to pulp in no time! The pulp is tipped directly from the grinder into the tub, ready for pressing. Next, position the pressing blocks in place and begin turning that screw. By now your very own apple cider will begin collecting into the bottom tray and pouring into whatever container you have waiting below. It’s a very satisfying sight to see and one you can look forward to!

The Homesteader is a single-tub press for cider or wine (or indeed other fruit) with the same basic frame and press screw assembly as the double-tub American Harvester. It has been designed specifically as an “all-purpose” fruit press which is capable of grinding and squeezing apples, grapes and other fruits and vegetables!

The Homesteader features the “Apple Eater” grinder attachment, conveniently mounted to the back of the press so that the “pulped” fruit falls directly into the tub for squeezing. However, it is also possible to have this grinder mounted independent of the press, allowing both pressing and grinding to happen at the same time!

Overall, the Homesteader apple press is a well constructed piece of engineering that is capable of producing many a gallon of cider. Get your friends and family involved and spend a social afternoon experiencing the simple pleasure of pressing your own fruit: you won’t go wrong with the Homesteader.

Warranty Information

*One Year Warranty*: Buy with confidence; this press is covered by warranty for 1 whole year after the date of purchase. If your press requires to be repaired or replaced during this time, the Manufacturer promises to do so at no cost. A refund may also be offered less any return freight charges.

Technical Specifications

Overall Press Dimensions and Weight: 31W x 25L x 40H (inches), 156 lbs

Frame: The main frame is made out of hard maple and all joints are dadoed and cross-bolted for added structural support.

Wood Finish: Please Note: THIS PRESS WILL COME UNFINISHED! Prior to use this press will need to be applied with varnish, lacquer, Poxy Coating or EZ-DO Polyurethane Gel to protect the wood. With that in mind, it is advised that you purchase a necessary coating with your order.

Screw: The Acme-threaded screw runs through a heavy cast iron crossarm and measures 1 1/2″ in diameter by 22″ in length. The screw has a cast iron foot attached to its base which helps distribute pressure from the screw onto the pressing-disc inside the bucket. We recommend applying a small amount of lubricant to this pressure foot and also the screw. See our Petrol-Gel Lubricant.

Tub: The hardwood tub features beveled staves so it can be cleaned with ease and measures 12” high by 13 ½” in diameter. It is banded with heavy steel hoops and has the capacity roughly the same as a box of “pulped” apples. 1 juice rank is also included.

Grinder: The included apple grinder consists of a cast iron grinding box that houses a 5 1/2″ hard maple cylinder with 8 serrated stainless steel blades. A 18 lb. cast iron flywheel is then attached to the grinding shaft which produces a smooth and fast grinding motion.

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Additional information

Weight 118 lbs

Customer Reviews

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My husband opened his press yesterday and assembled.. we ordered the wood pretreated.. it does not appear to have been sanded and pretreated as ordered.. disappointed for $450

Patrick Murphy
Great Press. Poor communication

The cider press came yesterday. 21 days after the order. I called the company a bunch of times to get a tracking number or deliivery date. Phone calls all dead ended with a busy signal. I emailed about 5 times. Never got a response. FedEx delivered it in three very large boxes to my front door yesterday. Not paying any attention to my requests to place it on the side door entrance. Spent the afternoon assembling. Looks good. Just an experience getting it here. Probably wouldn’t advise anyone to work with this company considering their lack of communication.

Hello Patrick, thank you for your feedback and we'll take your comments on board.

As you can imagine, this was a very busy time of year and we did have a notice on our website indicating the lead time would be around 3 weeks. We don't have a publicly listed phone number currently but I can see from our records that we replied to all your emails, so it's possible these landed in your junk folder. We are sorry for the inconvenience but we definitely didn't ignore you. We appreciate your business and hope the press itself at least lives up to expectations.

Roxanne Kitts
Exceptional press

What better use of the 10 apple trees in my backyard than this cider press! Party every weekend with all our friends for months. The littles walk in circles to press the juice and are rewarded with a gallon of juice each time. So good!

Teresa Weber


The Homesteader Press

I purchased the unit a few years ago. I upgraded from the manual wheel to electric to make the experience more efficient. Like others, it was necessary to install pillow blocks for smooth running. I wanted to change out the shaft which is aluminum and totally out of spec size. This required shims. Impossible to release the drum pin they drove. So the negative is the aluminum shaft. Should be stainless. The press does work, though company so help with the shaft issue.