“Apple Eater” Apple Grinder


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Apples and other hard fruit need to be crushed to a suitable pulp before they can be pressed; they can’t be pressed whole. The “Apple Eater” fruit grinder rips through apples with ease, making your job considerably easier!

This is the 4-part “Apple Eater” grinder which consists of an all-cast-iron grinding box that can be mounted either to a vertical surface via 2 “L” mounting brackets (sold separately) or a horizontal surface such as some 2x4s or plywood with a hole cut in it. The alternative 3-part “Apple Eater” is pre-mounted to a wooden back board which also makes up the back of the grinder housing, and can only be mounted to vertical surfaces.

It includes a 5 1/2″ diameter High Intensity polymer cylinder with 8 serrated stainless steel knives encased by a specially designed all-cast-iron grinding box. Operation is made smooth, fast and easy by the use of a 18lb. cast iron flywheel attached to the 3/4″ grinding shaft. The result is a totally maintenance-free grinding device that quickly reduces a box of apples to a “pulp” ready for easy pressing.

Without an apple grinder you are left cutting and crushing the fruit by hand. While some people don’t mind this and it’s fine for a small quantity of apples, it’s not the most fun part of the process. With the introduction of an apple crusher like this, it suddenly does become rather fun! Not only that, it’s faster, more efficient and arguably produces a better pulp for pressing.
Some of our larger presses include this grinder as standard. Here it can be purchased individually to be added to other models of press. See our other grinders here.
In order to mount this grinder to a vertical surface (as shown in the picture) you will require a set of mounting brackets (sold separately).

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Weight 28 lbs