Motor Kits

Help automate the pressing process and make your work easier by installing a motor kit onto your fruit press. Our motor kits below are compatible with their specific press model and include everything you need to get up and running including necessary mounting components and instructions.

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Speed Up the Pressing Process Instantly with a Press Motor Kit

If you have a significant amount of hard fruit to crush, a motor kit can be a good investment to not only make the process easier, but faster too. These motors are designed specifically for their intended press models and as such can be neatly mounted onto the structure. The motor attaches and powers the grinder so there’s no need to rotate a flywheel.

A motor makes the crushing process a lot less laborious. A crusher without a motor will make light work out of any apples but still requires significant effort on your part in terms of rotating the flywheel; your arms will certainly get a good workout. A motor will make the grinding process a lot less physically demanding and as such will probably allow you the work at a faster pace. It also means the process can be carried out by one person on their own.

Overall, adding a motor will make for a much more automated system and smoother process and can be a worthwhile addition to your press. The available motors we have are the latest models for their respective press. They may not be compatible with older apple crusher models to don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re unsure.