Apple Grinders

Get an apple grinder today and take the legwork out of turning apples into pulp! While you can crush apples and other hard fruit manually into a suitable standard for pressing, an apple crusher will make light work out of the job and make you wonder how you ever coped before! These grinders can easily be incorporated onto their respective presses with the included parts and grinder mounting brackets if needed. Take a look at our top quality apple grinders below.

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Save Time and Effort with an Efficient Apple Grinder

The desire and need for a grinder will vary per person. If you’re only pressing a small quantity of apples on an infrequent basis then you may indeed have little use for an actual apple crusher. However, there’s no denying they make the process of shredding the apples a very fast and convenient one which is why they comes as standard on our cider presses. Possibly the most tedious part of pressing the apples without a grinder will be cutting them up by hand and manually crushing them to a suitable pulp. It’s not really the fun part of the process and if you’re hoping to get through a significant volume of fruit, it can be quite laborious. At which point, an apple-crushing device becomes a very valued accessory!

These crushers will allow you to feed in whole apples – so no need to even quarter them – and will grind them to a suitable size in seconds. They really do take the legwork out of crushing them up and turn probably the most boring task into the most fun! They have a flywheel that you simply rotate to get the grinding teeth in motion, while the apples can then be tipped into the feeder. The grinders can in some cases also be mounted to the actual fruit press so that the apple pulp is exited directly into the pressing tub.

So don’t let the manual process of chopping the apples up by hand put you off. If you’re that way inclined and certainly if you have a large amount of fruit to crush, get one of these apple grinders and save time, effort and also have some added fun! Adding a motor can enhance them further.