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*FREE Pressing Bag!* The Yakima comes with ½ pt of EZ-DO Polyurethane gel with a 2″ Chip Brush and if you order by September 30th, we’ll also throw in 1 small pressing bag for free!

Chase away an afternoon and produce wonderfully fresh fruit juice at your leisure with this gorgeous table top fruit press. The Yakima tabletop press is a small, affordable press allowing anyone who has access to fresh grapes or other soft fruit to quickly and easily produce their own juice or wine.

For fruit pressing on a small and manageable scale, the Yakima is perfect. It can be used indoors or out by being placed on any flat surface, and is small enough to be easily stored away when not in use. It features a beautiful old fashioned design making it as attractive as it is practical, and the cast iron frame and hardwood construction ensures it will survive many rounds of use. A collecting tray sits at the bottom of the press with a small spout for the extracted juice to flow freely into a container below.

The model reflects the optimum design in terms of materials, size and price. It has a hardwood tub measuring 11″ high by 9″ in diameter along with an all cast iron frame with a 3/4″ Acme press screw.

Includes a ½ pt of EZ-DO Polyurethane gel with a 2″ Chip Brush, a pair of gloves and a cloth.

Please Note: You can press apples and other hard fruit with the Yakima but they will very much need to be crushed to a pulp before doing so.

Warranty Information

*One Year Warranty*: This press is fully guaranteed by the Manufacturer with a full 1 year warranty after the date of purchase. If at any point you are unhappy with your press it can be repaired, replaced or you can have your purchase refunded, less the freight cost.

Technical Specifications

Overall Press Dimensions and Weight: 11W x 11L x 20H (inches), 25 lbs

Frame: All cast iron frame.

Screw: 3/4″ Acme press screw.

Tub: The hard maple tub measures 11″ high by 9″ diameter.

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs

Customer Reviews

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Finishing the Wood

We received a sealer to go with the unit, and we had to stain/ finish the wood ourselves. I think this could have been done in the manufacturing process. We were looking forward to using it upon arrival, however, we had to wait two days to seal and sand and reseal the wood.

Not a major problem and the cost was reasonable.

I would recommend this.

We did use it to press our first batch of cheese and it worked for us.

S. Longburn
Love this!

I absolutely love my Yakima table top fruit press! It's cute while being very well made and practical. I just recently squeezed a load of soft fruit that had been in my freezer for months on end and the juice turned out great. It was a pleasure to use. I'm hoping to get quite a bit more use out of it in the coming months as we have more fresh fruit available; I'll be able press it not long after it's been picked! Would definitely recommend :)