The Pioneer Apple Press


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Have us professionally apply the wood coating before shipment.

Motorize the grinding process with an electric motor.

Make the press more portable with wheels that retract when not in use.


*FREE Essentials Kit!* Order this press by July 31st and receive a free kit comprising of 2 pressing bags, EZ-DO Protective Coating and some Petrol-Gel lubricant ($89 Value). This will be everything you need to get up and running with your new press! Available while supplies last.

(Optional) Wood coating service! Have us professionally coat your press with food-safe polyurethane wood coating. We poly-coat everything before it is assembled. We coat, let it dry for 48 hours, hand-sand it with 320 grit, paint it again, and hand-sand it one more time with 600 grit. The end result is fantastic! The cost is $450. Please check the box when ordering.

For a productive, enjoyable afternoon pressing apples, the Pioneer Junior cider press is your perfect companion. This is one of our most popular presses and for good reason: it’s on the smaller side compared to other models in our range, yet has the same quality construction and luxury of an apple grinder.

The Pioneer Junior is a smaller, less expensive press, ideal for the homeowner with only a few trees. The affixed grinder makes light work of any apples and other hard fruits, turning them to pulp and tipping it directly into the pressing tub below. The flywheel is a joy to operate with it’s smooth, perfectly weighted rotation.

It has the capacity to press a half bushel of whole apples at a time and with the attached grinder, there’s no need to peel or cut them up beforehand. From a full tub of pulp, this press will easily produce between 1 -2 gallons of juice. The construction consists of grade #2 pine (has some bark on the edges) as well as Baltic birch plywood. It comes mostly assembled when it arrives: all you need to do is bolt it together and you’re good to go.

The press comes with some EZ-DO Polyurethane Gel.

You’ll get a great amount of joy and satisfaction with the Pioneer Junior, that’s a guarantee. Many an afternoon will be chased away making your own juices and cider and you’ll be rewarded with a lot to show for it. It’s a great press for all the family; people of all ages usually can’t resist a go at turning the flywheel and tightening the pressing screw. It’s a great piece of kit and every bit as good as it looks.

Warranty Information

*One Year Warranty*: The Pioneer comes with a 1 year warranty from the date of your purchase. If anything requires to be replaced or repaired, the Manufacturer, Happy Valley Ranch, promises to do so free of charge, or a refund may be offered, less return freight costs.

Technical Specifications

Overall Press Dimensions and Weight: 32W x 28L x 43H (inches), 100 lbs

+ Construction consists of grade #2 pine (has some bark on the edges) as well as Baltic birch plywood. Comes mostly assembled.

+ Includes EZ-DO gel protective coating (THE PRESS WILL ARRIVE UNFINISHED)

+ Just coat the wood, bolt it together and you’re good to go!

Want to take some of the manual work out of grinding? Consider the Pioneer Junior motor kit.

Additional information

Weight 109 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Eugene Carroll
Be ready

Have your tools at hand, the bolt holes do not line up well. When was said and done it's a nice apple press.

Bradley Werth
Well-designed and it works

I was able to assemble the press without too much trouble. The supplied sealant isn’t quite enough to do two coats on every wood surface, so prioritize the tub, the tray, the press block and the wood backing on the grinder. The instructions could be clearer on how to position the tray. You want it as far over to the grinder side as possible, as will still allow the tub to slide back into position under the press. This will ensure that the mashed apples coming out of the grinder will fall into the tub without overspill. The press works really well and the manual crank on the flywheel is sufficient to grind apples without getting winded. I’m very happy with it.

Fantastic Product

We found the assembly instructions well written. The assembly was straightforward and we had the press put together fairly quickly. The parts are sturdy and quite well-made.

We used the press on several bushels of apples with extended family. We are homeowners with three trees in the backyard and everyone enjoyed running the press, including an 11 and 7-year old grandchildren. I would highly recommend this product.

It worked so fast, we consider this well worth the price.

Beth S
Sturdy and Functional

I've been wanting a press for a long time but have been unwilling to spend the amount of money that I thought it would take to get a reliable product, and sadly my husband and I don't really have what it takes to make one from plans.
This press was more affordable than anything else I've priced and easy for (even us!) to put together. We made our first pressing of Roxbury Russets yesterday and it was easy to operate and the cider was absolutely delicious. I say 'was', because it disappeared really quickly!

Jeff Bing
Perfect press for my needs

Solid piece of equipment. Wish I knew I was getting EZ-Do sealer/protection coating gel in the kit, that would have saved me $32.00.
Easy and sort of fun assembly. Definitely apply the EZ-Do finish product to the entire unit. It's worth the effort and time. So far it seems to be well made.