“Apple Eater” Grinder with Backboard


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This model is a 3-part version of the “Apple Eater” grinder, as available on the Homesteader press for apples.

The difference between this model and the 4-part “Apple Eater” grinder is that this comes pre-mounted to a wooden backboard which makes up the back of the grinder housing. The 4-part grinder has a cast iron back, allowing it to be mounted to a vertical surface with the use of some mounting brackets or to a horizontal surface such as some 2x4s or plywood with a hole cut in it.

This includes the same 5 1/2″ diameter High Intensity polymer cylinder with 8 serrated stainless steel knives encased by a specially designed all-cast-iron grinding box. Operation is made smooth, fast and easy by the use of a 18lb. cast iron flywheel attached to the 3/4″ grinding shaft. The result is a totally maintenance-free grinding device that quickly reduces a box of apples to a “pulp” ready for easy pressing.

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Weight 28 lbs