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Enhance your American Harvester press with this ready to install motor kit. Everything you need to get your press operating effortlessly is included. If you’re operating the press on your own of if you have a large amount of apples to grind, this motor can be really worthwhile. It makes light work of powering the grinder and turning the apples to pulp and saves any arm-ache from operating the flywheel on a consistent basis!

Please Note: This set does not include the “Apple Eater” grinder.

Set includes:

+ 1/2 HP Motor

+ Pulleys & belt w/guard

+ Pillow block bearings w/spacers

+ Motor Safety Hopper

+ And all required mounting

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Weight 25 lbs

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Harry Greer, Greer Enterprises.
Very Good Option

The motor Kit is necessary on this unit. The only faults I find with the motor kit are the pulley will slip after three grindings, unless you have a wrench to tighten it, might I suggest you mention drilling a pilot hole in the shaft in your instructions for assembly, and the motor has no on- off switch. Easy enough to install after but I would like to have a warning that I must purchase and install a switch.