Deluxe Bottling Kit


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Investing in a bottling kit is a good way to help store and collect your cider and other fruit juices. Some people like to order a kit when they first purchase their press, thinking in advance, while others wish they’d done the same after they realize how much juice their first batch produces! This is the “Deluxe” kit, which provides storage for a large amount of juice. For a smaller set, please see the “Starter” bottling kit.

The Deluxe Kit includes:

2 Pails: For collecting your cider/fruit juice during pressing

2 Gallon Pails with handle

10″ x 9 1/4″ diam

27 Jugs with caps: In order to keep your cider fresh

1/2 gallon HDPE Jugs w/Handle and Screw Caps

1 Funnel: To help with filling the cider jugs

Plastic 8-Oz. Funnel

4″ Dia.

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Weight 23 lbs